Facebook Family

I spend my mornings liking and reading other peoples mail. It can be pictures, quotes and mostly family, friends or new friends. I like to see how the world is turning and yet, I found WordPress is part of this growth. Now I can share with Facebook and WordPress by the press of a button and share what I have written or photoed for fun and amazement. I know everyone is doing Facebook these days and spending as much time visiting friends today. 

I also notice people are obsessed with smart phones, cell phones, tablets and such, it amazes me how communications have improved yet lack the personal touch. Now if you want a date, you need to text someone and see if they are on, your date will be set and you will plan to go. The next thing you know you are texting each other at the table and not saying a word. Well, that is 21st century technology for you and the new dating scene. Amen! Image


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