Tall Bread

My hubby and I went to buy some Mexican bread. There was no more on the tray because they were on special. As we waited for the tray to be filled, many a customer came around the bend. Each one grabbed their plastic bag waiting to fill it. Well my husband went in line and found the line was growing. Each one waited patiently and enjoyed the aroma of the moment.

He is taller than I and usually during these trips, as he chooses these soft breads, people will wait patiently for him to finish. So when I speak of tall bread, I mean my husband can do it and bring home the goods.

Unfortunately, at this time, there were many other tall customers waiting, so this event was quite interesting. I also giggled at my husband’s persistence.

In the evening, we both sat down with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoyed our tall, fresh breads to go along with a sporting event.

I enjoy bringing you along with us as I tell the story…each day look for something to enjoy and you will no longer be bored with life’s sweetest moments!  🙂


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