Birds of a Feather Analogy

Analogy: Just yesterday, I noticed many birds roosting over a local business. These birds stay together and yet they fly around the building. We can learn something from the birds. Unity is their strength and they fly together allowing a leader to encourage their pattern. I feel people are the same, They want to follow a good leader.

God is seeking the unloved, rejected and discouraged and looks for obedience from someone. It is difficult these days to find an obedient person. Each person prefers to do their “own thing” not God’s plan. In turn, people suffer at their own hands. Sin does not discriminate against a particular race or group. 

Love does abound and God sent his Son to love us, die for us and redeem him. Do you want a good leader? Find Christ will do for you what man cannot do. You take the first step. Ask God for forgiveness through Christ, a new person will be created within you. A new plan will be written for you. Believe, accept and receive the eternal plan for your life and live.


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