Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration: I do enjoy eating but I prefer the ambiance of eating and going out to restaurants. Why? I love being around people and noticing what they do for writing purposes. Just yesterday, my hubby and I were eating at Farmer Boys and noticed a woman with a sign “gift baskets” she was selling on a busy corner. As I ate and watched for at least 30 minutes, two different customers came by and peered into the baskets. Although interested, they both left empty handed.

What am I saying? Life comes in many forms, the homemade or ready made and the commercial or eat here or to go. I believe whatever one does, do it with a direct purpose and put your best foot forward. Love life and give it your best effort. The idea is to enjoy what you are doing in life and care about others. Writing is a gift for the moment and I hope it will carry one through the day…


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