Magic Lantern

The magic lantern can light your mood to change from bitterness to forgiveness. ~Yolanda Alavardo, Poet and PhotographerIMG_3687


As the Leaves Turn

The spectrum of the rainbow will always be seen when their is rain and moisture. Now taking action to understand God’s reason for the rainbow is one of honor and love. He promises never to hurt humans or the earth again. You took the spectrum and arranged it in a 360 degree circle. I appreciate your forthright vision to show off the work from heaven’s point of view. ~Inspiration Poetry

Philip Schwarz Photography Blog

The first of the fall colors are starting to show themselves. Around here it is the Sumac that turn first. They have been a bright red for about a week. Looking for something different to do I decided to put my variable neutral density filter on my lens and try taking some photos with the speed set to 4-6 seconds. Setting the camera to a slow speed I focused on a particular area then slowly rotated the camera to create the effect show. I was hand holding the camera.14-9-_1796



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