Thanksgiving Coming

It is time to be thankful. Yet, preparation takes time. Work, work, work and then decorate, decorate, decorate and then plan, plan, plan for gobble, gobble, gobble with family and friends. To be really thankful, it takes a moment by moment experience. Consider to be truly thankful for every beat of your heart, every good thought and every word said in peace to compel a life of thanksgiving. It is not just sitting around the table and admiring the food, decorations or what someone is wearing. It takes a real special moment to look each other in the eyes and say, “I am thankful for.” Put down the cell phone and start really talking, relating and making simple conversation with each other. A true miracle can be formed at the “thanksgiving table.”

Are you ready for true communication? It will take steps to get their but you will probably learn something to be thankful for at the table of thanksgiving. I am thankful for you today. 🙂


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