Family Travel in Midwest

Traveling has its perks and downfalls. I recently went traveling by air and found myself wondering how to navigate the Denver airport. There are several floors and many ways to get there. There is a train on the bottom that takes you to A, B, C platforms to pickup your baggage. In the meantime, you have to walk with rolling luggage and make toilet stops. Soon you are looking for someone who works there to help. You must ask the question, “How do I get from here to there?” People are everywhere and are lugging their personal items from here to there.

Hungry is another event. Did you bring something to eat or do you buy something. If you know anything about airports they are triple the cost. For example, something you buy for $5.00 is going to cost $15.00 or more. Surprise.

In the meantime, I found my baggage circling the baggage pick-up area. I made my personal contacts. I then proceeded to the shuttle which is down the way to a certain door. There you must dodge other shuttles picking up airport travelers.

Finally, here comes the right shuttle. The driver is accommodating and soon I am sitting down by in the aisle in the shuttle. Of course, the van was full of people. I was lucky to be on my own seat.

This shuttle takes me to another shuttle consisting of two hours of traveling. We were offered a “free” bottle of water. I soon fell asleep because as a traveler you wake up and must be ready for the shuttle by 3:00 a.m. Little sleep and rest to say the least.

Soon I arrived at my destination and I was greeted with lots of love. Yes, love makes you take these trips to get the full ambiance of family, love and traveling. ~Y. Alvarado


Success in Love

When life seems dry and unaccomplished then look to the sun, sky, stars and silver lining in your life. This is the only true season for beauty outdoors. Water your life with love and friendships. Only then your accomplishments, abilities, appearance and achievements will become brighter and successful. If you love what you do, so will the other important people in your life. ~Y. Alvarado