Jurassic Surprise and Review

My hubby and I were ready to enjoy The Faith of Our Fathers but instead we saw Jurassic World. We sat there staring at one another because we were sent to the wrong screen. There were many people in the theater. We decided to stay and watch the movie. It has lots of technology and perfection. The mother and sons of this movie are typical of today’s juveniles. Technology has kicked out the excitement of the day with the Internet at their fingertips.

One dinosaur leads to another with more teeth! The louder, more teeth and swishing tales came with a higher expectation. Of course, there are predictable scenes as to when the T-Rex will show up. All the growling and dinosaur whispering went well together.

In summary, dinosaurs are much like people. We need to be fed, cared and given certain commands or instructions for the day. These dinosaurs played their parts well. All the craziness typical of Jurassic was in place.

My final review is to treat others as you would like to be treated and you will be treated well. Snap, Crackle and Pop to you today. ~Y. Alvarado


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