The Faith of Our Fathers

My hubby and I are seniors and went to see this movie on senior discount day at the mall. We were surprised to be the only ones in the theater. We sat down and enjoyed the personal viewing. The theater was bright and the screen was clear. There were no feet kicking us from the back, wise cracks or whispering.

The movie at first appeared very normal with his fiancee preparing for their wedding. The son inherited his parents home. He discovered a box of pictures of his Dad in the war. He became interested in his father’s past. So his fiancee said, “Why don’t you contact his war buddy?” And so the movie goes.

War scenes were intertwined in the movie dating back to Vietnam War in 1969. We remember when because we were in our late teens and early 20s. All in all, the most important part of the movie was toward the ending. We saw how war tears up a heart. Both males in this picture searched for their fathers’ past.

The new found friends ached for closure to their past. In the end, the Bible believer and the agnostic find common ground. It went from fear, faith and friendship. Once aliens to each other, they both find common ground with their deceased fathers. These sons find messages from their fathers who do leave words of love and family.

As God cares and loves us through Jesus, so fathers love their sons to hope, healing and heart closure. If sin separates, God brings unity through faith, hope and love from generation to another.

This is one movie worth your time. We are believers and hope you will find a home in your heart for Jesus. He loves you and gave his life for your life. Takes his hand and say, “Yes, Jesus, forgive me of my sin and make me whole.’ Let me love again and restore my family.”

Thank you for your time. ~Y. Alvardo


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