My Review on the movie the “Theory of Everything”

Hubby and I watched this movie on HBO. This movie is powerful in mind body and soul. Two young people meet at the University of Cambridge to attain their education in the stars and in poetry. This couple meets, romances and marries with three children in tow. Stephen Hawking is a physicist with a life-threatening neurological disease that weakens his muscles but not his spirit.

The disease threatens Stephen Hawking to a wheelchair, yet, his wife does not stop there. She continues to make decisions about his health. Through it all, this couple surpasses the doctor’s expectations for Stephen to live with two years of life.

If you have an illness, can’t make it, or you feel you do not have a choice; you should watch this for real motivation. We did. It works. Marriage is honorable for better or for worse. Amen. ~Y. Alvarado


Genesis 45

Bible Reading
Genesis 45
Joseph Reveals Himself
Joseph cried out in front of everyone, including the Egyptians and Pharaoh’s household.
Joseph blurted out, “I am Joseph!” The brothers were in fear and could not answer him.
Joseph asked, “How his my father?” He asked them to come close to him.
Joseph said, “I am your brother!”
Joseph said the brothers sold him in slavery and God sent him to deliver them.
Joseph promised to provide for his family because their were five years left of the famine.
Joseph said the whole family is to live in Goshen.
Joseph told his brothers to go and tell his father.
Joseph embraced Benjamin and his brothers as he wept.
Pharaoh is Pleased
The Pharaoh ordered Joseph to load up his livestock and transport the family and goods.
Pharaoh said the land of Egypt is yours.
Joseph’s Brothers Return Home
Joseph did as Pharaoh commanded.
The brothers returned to the land of Canaan and told their father everything.
Joseph is alive! Their father’s life was encouraged.
Joseph’s father was happy his Son was alive and he would see him before his death.

Genesis 44

Bible Reading
Genesis 44
A Silver Cup in the Sack
Joseph had his steward fill his brothers sacks with food with their silver to carry back.
Joseph had the youngest one’s sack filled with his silver cup, his silver and his grain.
The men left with their donkeys but Joseph ordered his steward to meet them on the road.
These men were accused of taking Joseph’s silver’s cup and will be punished with death.
As each man opened his sack, the steward found the cup on Benjamin’s sack.
The men tore their clothes and returned to Joseph’s home.
Joseph declared their guilt in taking his cup and were his slaves because of his cup.
Joseph agreed to make the one who carried the silver cup his slave and set the others free.
Judah declared their father will die without his youngest son who the father loves.
Joseph demanded Benjamin be brought to him but Judah explained the father’s wishes.
Judah asked Joseph to keep him here because he would keep the young brother safe.
Judah explained to Joseph if the young son leaves the father, the father would die.

Genesis 42

Bible Reading

Genesis 42

Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt

Jacob heard there was grain in Egypt and sent his sons to buy some so they may live and not die.

Joseph’s ten brothers went down to Egypt except Jacob did not send Benjamin because someone might harm him.

Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to buy grain because there was a famine in Canaan, too.

Joseph was the governor of the land; Joseph’s brothers bowed to him with their faces to the ground.

Joseph recognized his brothers and spoke harshly to them. Where do you come from?

Joseph’s brothers said from the land of Canaan so we can buy food.

Joseph’s brothers did not recognize them; he remembered his dreams and called them spies.

His brothers said we are twelve brothers and their father lived in Canaan; the youngest in Canaan and one is no more.’

Joseph said the brothers were spies and tested them by keeping them in prison for three days.

Joseph said to them on the third day; let one brother stay in prison; the rest return home with grain.

Joseph’s brothers were to take the grain and return with the youngest.

Joseph’s brothers understood and saw Joseph’s distress and felt they were being punished because of Joseph.

Joseph turned away and wept. To keep the promise, Joseph’s Brother Simeon was bound and kept in prison.

Joseph filled their bags with grain and put each man’s silver back in the sack; they loaded the grains and left.

The brothers stopped to rest for the night; one brother opened the grain bags and found his silver.

All the brothers feared for their lives.

Jacob was told all the details by sons; they said the man was lord over the land was mean and harsh to them.

Jacob was distressed over the news of Simeon, now Benjamin and felt everything was against him.

Reuben was trusted with Benjamin by his father Jacob.

Jacob said to Reuben, “If harm comes to my youngest son, you will bring my gray head to the grave in sorrow!”