Genesis 44

Bible Reading
Genesis 44
A Silver Cup in the Sack
Joseph had his steward fill his brothers sacks with food with their silver to carry back.
Joseph had the youngest one’s sack filled with his silver cup, his silver and his grain.
The men left with their donkeys but Joseph ordered his steward to meet them on the road.
These men were accused of taking Joseph’s silver’s cup and will be punished with death.
As each man opened his sack, the steward found the cup on Benjamin’s sack.
The men tore their clothes and returned to Joseph’s home.
Joseph declared their guilt in taking his cup and were his slaves because of his cup.
Joseph agreed to make the one who carried the silver cup his slave and set the others free.
Judah declared their father will die without his youngest son who the father loves.
Joseph demanded Benjamin be brought to him but Judah explained the father’s wishes.
Judah asked Joseph to keep him here because he would keep the young brother safe.
Judah explained to Joseph if the young son leaves the father, the father would die.


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