Genesis 45

Bible Reading
Genesis 45
Joseph Reveals Himself
Joseph cried out in front of everyone, including the Egyptians and Pharaoh’s household.
Joseph blurted out, “I am Joseph!” The brothers were in fear and could not answer him.
Joseph asked, “How his my father?” He asked them to come close to him.
Joseph said, “I am your brother!”
Joseph said the brothers sold him in slavery and God sent him to deliver them.
Joseph promised to provide for his family because their were five years left of the famine.
Joseph said the whole family is to live in Goshen.
Joseph told his brothers to go and tell his father.
Joseph embraced Benjamin and his brothers as he wept.
Pharaoh is Pleased
The Pharaoh ordered Joseph to load up his livestock and transport the family and goods.
Pharaoh said the land of Egypt is yours.
Joseph’s Brothers Return Home
Joseph did as Pharaoh commanded.
The brothers returned to the land of Canaan and told their father everything.
Joseph is alive! Their father’s life was encouraged.
Joseph’s father was happy his Son was alive and he would see him before his death.


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