Genesis 46 Review

Genesis 46
Jacob Goes to Egypt
Bible Reading
Israel goes to Egypt and sacrifices to God the father of Isaac.
God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and called to Jacob.
God said, “I am God, the God of your father,’ do not be afraid but go to Egypt.’
God said, “I will make a great nation there, I will surely bring you back.
God said, “Joseph will close your eyes.”
Israel’s sons and his offspring went to Egypt and their livestock.
Israel’s sons went with him and were named by their mothers who gave birth to them.
Joseph appeared before Israel and he said, “Now I am ready to die, I have seen you are alive.”
Joseph said he will speak with Pharaoh and say his father’s household attends livestock.
Joseph said when Pharaoh speaks, “What is your occupation?” Say we are shepherds.
Say you are shepherds from boyhood as your fathers did.
You will then be able to settle in the region of Goshen.
Egyptians detest shepherds.


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