Exodus 2 The Birth of Moses

Bible Reading
Exodus 2
The Birth of Moses
The man of a tribe of Levi married a Levite woman who became pregnant with a son.
The woman hid the child for three months because he was a fine child.
She could no longer hide him and prepared a papyrus basket coated with tar and pitch.
She placed the child in the basket among the reeds along the banks of the Nile.
His sister at a distance watched the baby on the Nile.
Pharaoh’s daughter went to the Nile to bath and saw the basket among the reeds.
She opened the basket and fund a baby crying.
She felt sorry for him and knew he was one of the Hebrew babies.
Her attendant said, “Shall I go get one of the Hebrew woman to nurse the baby for you?”
She said, yes. She said to the baby’s mother, “Take the baby and nurse him for me.
She said she would pay her. The mother returned the baby to Pharaoh’s daughter.
Pharaoh’s daughter named her son, “Moses”, because she drew him out of the water.
Moses Flees to Midian
When Moses was grown, he saw an Egyptian beating one of his own people and he killed him.
Moses hid the Egyptian in the sand.
He saw two Hebrew men fighting and asked why. They said, “Who made you judge over us?”
Pharaoh heard Moses killed an Egyptian and tried to kill Moses.
Moses fled to the land of Midian and met a priest with seven daughters.
These daughters came to draw water for their father’s flock.
Some shepherds tried to drive these daughters away but Moses came to their rescue.
Their father, Reuel, asked why have you returned early. They said, “An Egyptian rescued us.”
They said, “He drew water, watered our flocks, and rescued us from the shepherds.”
The father asked his daughters to invite Moses to eat with them.
Their father invited Moses to stay and gave his daughter, Zipporah, to him who bore a son.
Moses named his son, “Gershom: I have become a foreigner in a foreign land.”
The king of Egypt died and the Israelites groaned and cried because of their slavery.
God remembered his covenant with their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
God looked down because he was concerned about the Israelites.



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