Bible: Exodus 5 Bricks Without Straw

Bible Reading
Exodus 5
Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to “Let my people go to hold a festival in God’s honor.”
Pharaoh said, “Who is this Lord who asked to let the people of Israel go? I do not know him.”
Pharaoh said, “I will not let the people go.”
Moses said, “We will take a three day journey into the wilderness to sacrifice to God.”
Otherwise, God will send plagues or kill with the sword.”
Pharaoh said, “You are taking people from their work!” The people are numerous.”
Pharaoh gave an order to the slave drivers to no longer supply straw to build bricks.
The quota must remain the same; the people were told to get their own straw–same quota.
The Israelites were beaten; they were called lazy–go to work–you must produce same.
The overseers told Moses and Aaron the Lord judge you; you have made us offensive.
The officials want to kill us.
Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Why Lord, why have you brought trouble on the people?
He said, “The Pharaoh has brought trouble to the people and you have not rescued us.”


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